Monday, November 5, 2012

A quiet place

This weekend Katherine and I went out of town to the mountains.  We've desperately needed a little break in the chaos of our lives.

I found a cheap hotel - but it's clean and it's got a pool, and it allows dogs so I didn't need to get a dog sitter (or break the poor dog's heart).

I feel my shoulders coming down; I can catch my breath. 


My father in law passed away this morning.  He left nearly a dozen grandchildren and a handful of great grandchildren.  I was on good terms with him despite the divorce, although I'm not sure how much he remembered or understood at the end.  Bryan is going to struggle with losing his dad; I think there was unfinished business there.


I am grateful today for this quiet place.

(Written on 11/3, didn't post then  for some reason.)

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