Tuesday, August 7, 2012

On the Road

I'm clearly not a beat poet, but I am on the road.

I write tonight from the middle of my nine day vacation with Katherine.  We've completed over 1000 miles, we've seen some cool sights (including incredibly cheesy roadside attractions: though it's not my style these days, I remember clearly loving them as a child and my parents refusing to stop, so we're stopping for them!), and we've spent time with dear friends.

As we drove away from one of my dearest friends' home, Katherine was very quiet.  "I'm really going to miss them," she said.  It touched me deeply: the two children are both boys, and usually she only cares about girls, but there was wonderful chemistry amongst the children, and we everyone had a fantastic time.  I wiped away tears as I drove away: the time with them was perfect, and I will miss them deeply.

And now it is just Katherine and I for five days, putting miles under us and stopping to do wonderful things together.  The last two days will be spent lazing on a beach, so that hopefully when we pull into our driveway we will be rested and ready to work hard again.

But right now I'm just reveling in my girl.  My gorgeous daughter with the incredible soul, the one I'm so proud of.  The one who has been through so much alongside me.  I'm having fun with her, and we deserve it, and I'm delighted.

Savoring deeply.

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