Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Reviews are in

Reviews are in from Katherine.  I asked her her favorite parts of the trip, and she said, "Well, how could I decide?  It's a great trip, it's all my favorite!"


Tonight we are at a cheesy little hotel on the coast - the cheesiest I've been in for perhaps fifteen years.  Think wood paneling, a pink bathtub, and very bad art.  It's so bad it's good - I giggle just looking around.  But it's clean, and across the street from the sea, and there is a pool, and so Katherine loves it.  It is affordable, and I like that, too.  (It also had a vacancy, making it my number one choice.)

At this very minute, we're watching a silly TV show together.  But we've hiked, and done a Jr. Ranger program in a national park, and swum, and seen the sights, and driven gazillions of miles (the down side of a road trip is the road - I know, so obvious, but it needed saying).  Today we saw elk, and whales.  How incredible is that?!

But the best part is that my beautiful girl is loving it, enjoying my company.

The other best part is simply that I'm DOING it.  I made the budget work, I've planned, I've managed, and I'm making it happen.  Bryan didn't travel well, and I do. 

Ahhhh.  Now, back to my vacation.

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