Friday, February 1, 2013

Surgery Monday at Noon

"It's probably nothing" but it's enough of a something that it has to be removed.

Surgery on Monday.

Prayers, please.  I'm a bit in shell-shock over this.  This is my 16th breast cancer surgery in 7.5 years, and I have some surgery anxiety.

I should have results by Thursday.


I'm going skiing this weekend.  Screw you, cancer.


  1. I'm here almost everyday . . . peeking in the window of your life . . . you don't know me . . . I feel like I know you. I'll keep checking in . . . keep praying. Please make sure you are sleeping and taking a vacation from thinking about this (skiing sounds like just the ticket). If you need someone to take over a night of worrying for you so you can get a night of good rest -- I'll gladly take a shift for you. AA

  2. I hope the skiing was fabulous.

    Sending all good white light, positive waves, warm thoughts, and fierce energy for you to be well.