Monday, February 4, 2013

Surgery update: Scar tissue?

I am home, and thanks to my friend Lorazepam, I'm feeling pretty good.  Woozy and strange but not anxious.

The procedure was pretty quick.  It hurt a little bit, which means that I must be getting some nerves back, which is a good thing!  (But ouch.)  The doctor thinks it's scar tissue.  Scar tissue - isn't that beautiful sounding?  He told me he wouldn't worry.

I'm feeling celebratory.  And a bit high and woozy and with the munchies from the Lorazepam.  :-)

Thanks to everyone for caring.  So grateful to be back at home, in bed with a heating pad (not on the wound), snuggled down.  My girl is home sick too so we're just laying low.

Still praying that it's just scar tissue.



  1. Hi PollyAnna, I just want you to know that at least one anonymous follower of your blog is thinking of you and sending you tons of good energy. Scar tissue -- YEAH! Scars are how the body tries to heal. And now you don't need it anymore, so they can take it out. It's a beautiful thing. I will hold onto the hope that it's nothing more than that. You've so totally got this. Hope you're feeling well today. Looking forward to an update.

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