Friday, June 22, 2012

Calling all divorce bloggers!

I got a request in a blog comment for links to more divorce blogs.  Readers, if you're blogging, can you leave a link posted here?  If there is a divorce blog that you enjoy, could you post it here, too?  Include a few words about the focus of the blog, or about the blogger, if you're so inclined. case you missed my earlier post, I'll repost the info here.  I was contacted by a "major television network" to do a show about divorces where the exes live in the same house.  I can't do it - I need to stay anonymous here - but if you'd like to, they're looking for referrals.  I checked out the name of the person who contacted me, and it does look legit, but I make no promises.  I don't know much about television....except that I'm going to spend my fifteen minutes of fame elsewhere.

Happy Friday, everyone!  I look forward to seeing what blogs you post here.  (Even if you're a regular, consider posting your link here, and maybe you'll find some new readers.  Let's share the love!)


  1. I.m kind of intrigued by the tv thing.

  2. CM, I sent you a message with my email - reply and I'll forward you info. (I wondered if you'd be interested - that's what I was referencing in my comment the other day. :-) )

    1. where did you send the message? I don't see it.

  3. I'm cracking up at this. About 5 years ago I was chatting with a friend about our "reality TV" addiction in this country. At the time, I was juggling two young teens (their trail of friends), and running through my own string of (absurd and funny) dates, and juggling multiple jobs, multiple worries, and just getting through the day felt like victory.

    My friend remarked that real real life as lived by single moms and their juggle would be much more interesting (and amusing) than the drama of the so-called privileged housewives...

    To some extent, I think he was right. I also have to believe that "real" reality might be instructive for those considering certain changes.

    Would be entertaining? Not necessarily. Educational? Dramatic? (At times - both.)

    And exactly what most kids don't need - in my opinion? Being followed around by cameras? Um, not such a good idea... (Just my two cents.)

  4. My blog has scattered references to divorce & custody battles ('04), but I have drawn support from,, & many others over the yrs...

    Not to mention i am hopelessly jealous of your (what sounds like a) calm & reasonable divorce. What I wouldn't give for one of those - gotta blog about my recent momentous decision to file on Ex to increase child support to equitable levels (Bryan gave you MORE than you asked for?!? Unbelievable!)

    And as a fellow cancer veteran, I salute you! I'm still convinced part of what drove my ex away was the uncertainty - he couldn't wring an exact life expectancy out of my doctors; I truly think he got tired of waiting for me to DIE! Why wouldn't I conform to his scenario, dammit?!?