Saturday, June 30, 2012

Officially Separated

I can hardly believe that it actually happened.

Two of my closest girlfriends came today and we worked from 9am to 5pm, taking trips back and forth, unpacking, setting up beds, etc.  If they hadn't come to help at my request, he still wouldn't be moved out - I have no idea how he planned to do this move without help.  Still, the big stuff is done.  The kitchen is functional, Katherine has a room all set up with new bedding and a new dresser and her old bed; she has a new Snoopy toothbrush in the toothbrush holder.

Can I vent that he didn't pack one thing for his daughter?  That it didn't occur to him that she'd need toys, and books, and bedding, and a dresser, and a desk?  And clothes, and hairbrushes, and a toothbrush?  I managed all of that, and it's a good thing I did.  Katherine is really happy with the results.  And he was grateful for my help - a pleasant surprise.

The whole thing is bittersweet.  I am free to live my life, to figure this out....but at the same time, it's frightening to be truly on my own.  How will I handle this big house?  There are projects to tackle, but today I kept it small.  I started cleaning downstairs, moving things around and getting them back into place.  With less furniture, it actually looks pretty good, much more spacious.  It'll take a while to feel settled, and there is still a bunch of junk to move out, but bit by bit it will feel like "mine" and I will take good care of it.

This evening my friends and I drank wine and ate bread and cheese and chocolate.  I lit candles, and we sat in the living room talking and laughing.

A good beginning to my new life.

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