Sunday, January 27, 2013

Clearly insane

I can talk the talk, but tonight I struggle to walk the walk.

Mr. Chocolate hasn't contacted me this evening, and my mind goes to the worst.  He was just being polite, and there wasn't really a connection.  And that means that nobody will ever like me and I will be alone forever and I will never have sex again because I'm horribly unattractive and unlikeable.  All this for a guy I talked to for an hour THIS MORNING.

Umm, right.  That is the kind of crazy I'm talking about here.  The kind of thinking that, if my daughter said it, would send me through the roof with frustration because it's crazy talk.

So, the good news:
I have no intention of texting or emailing him to check in, possibly repeatedly, because that's a horrible idea.
I went ahead and made a date with someone completely different, even though part of me wants to explore the possibilities with Mr. Chocolate and set aside others, because that's crazy talk, and the new guy looks interesting, too.
I'm remembering that guys don't define me, etc. etc., even though these crazy thoughts are goign through my head.

Seriously, am I hormonal?  I'm behaving like an adolescent girl?  Well, not quite....I'm only THINKING like an adolescent girl.  Fortunately, I'm still behaving like a woman in control.  (Except here, where I tell you everything.  But you won't tell on me, will you?  Thanks.)

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