Monday, October 8, 2012

Is this supposed to be funny?

My refinance is falling apart because I'm not divorced yet (something I was very clear about with my refi guy, and he assured me that all was well), and I need money from the refi to pay for the divorce.

I'm exhausted, as per the usual.

Today my daughter was sick, so I tried to work from home, but two things prevented that:
1)  The phone, cable, and internet went out; and
2)  My basement toilet overflowed raw sewage into the bathroom and (carpeted) hallway

I have spent the day ignoring my sniffly girl, spending money on a plumber, paying to have my carpet ripped out (and my rough concrete floors exposed, and let me assure you that 1920's basement concrete is not chic or hip, it's just bumpy, uneven, and nearly uninhabitable), and getting on my hands and knees to clean up unmentionables. (I started with vinegar and water, then graduated to some enzyme cleaner that brings down excrement (!) and then used hard core bleach.....surely something will have worked?)

This is testing me at every possible level.

I know that I can get through this, but I have no idea how.

My old house appears to be falling apart right around me, and I don't know why, but I am so, so, so tired.  I am worried that the drywall will get mold, I am worried about replacing the doorframes, I am worried about taking on this sudden unexpected expense in addition to the giant expenses I've been trying to prepare for.

And did I mention that right before this happened I received, and paid, a big unexpected medical bill?  (What do you mean the whole thing is part of my deductable?  ARGHHHH!)

On Friday, we are entering mediation with a four hour appointment.  Apparently the bank is worried that I will have to pay HIM child support, which is so funny it's laughable. (I have her 26 nights a month and buy all of her clothes, supplies, medicine, activities, birthday presents, etc.... I think even he would laugh at the notion of me paying him.)  But we have to hammer out the separation agreement.

And then maybe I can put new carpet in my basement........and not have to walk on gravelly concrete with the memory of human excrement on it.

I do not have a sense of humor left.  I'm tired, sad, and grouchy.  I have ignored Katherine all day and I feel horrible about it.

And this weekend I'm visiting my inlaws, because my father-in-law is very ill and I worry that he will die soon and I want to bring Katherine to him because it's the right thing to do.

I'm barely holding on here, folks.  My inner PollyAnna is glad I don't have cancer and glad I have a good job and glad Katherine only has sniffles and not meningitis or something....

But I want to crawl into bed and not get up until this has passed.

Instead, I'm going to make my daughter dinner.

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  1. Oh I'm so sorry........... That feeling of the house falling down is awful. OMG. Sending all the positive thoughts I have.