Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A little like a dentist appointment

I had my coffee date today.  It was a bit like a dental cleaning: it felt clinical, and while it wasn't painful, it was uncomfortable.

He gave me a little talk about how middle age is where you've either made it, or you haven't, and if you haven't, you're screwed.  How delightful.  He did buy our coffee and treats, but he didn't tip the server.  There won't be a second date.  (The first half of our date I nodded and acted rather pleasantly.  The second half of our date I said, "Well, I disagree..." a fair amount.  I don't imagine he'll be asking me out, either.)  It was most definitely not a match.


I'm really glad I went.  I hit my goal by going: I met a nice (if not good for me) guy, we shared some banter, I maintained my dignity - no major gaffes - and we all left intact.  It's good practice for me, and that is all I wanted or needed.  My soul mate will wait for me, and this clearly wasn't him.

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