Sunday, July 22, 2012

Different kinds of tired

There is the kind of tired that involves a yawn and a stretch and a sleepy vacation town.

There is the kind of tired that involves going to bed at nine at night.

There is the kind of tired where one looks at the clock and realizes "oh no it's hours 'til I'm done."

There's physical labor tired.

And there's cancer treatment tired.

And now there's this new kind of tired in my life.  Working all day and mothering all evening and never caught up.  Car problems, tight (really tight) finances at the end of the month problems, the need to walk the dog, mow the grass, fix the fence problems.  Need a nanny problems.  Have to refinance the house problems.  And business is booming but we have the problem of so much going on that we're scrambling to keep caught up.  And constant food prep, and vacuuming, and birthday cards.

THIS is what single parents are talking about.  The hands on ones, anyway.

And just for the record, in my experience, cancer fatigue never goes away, so slather on a thick layer of that on top of it all.

I AM happy.  I am very, very proud of holding it all together.  I am holding it together, and it's a bit of a miracle.

If I could just shake this fatigue, I'd feel amazing.  I mostly do feel amazing....but I am so, so, so tired...

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