Friday, July 20, 2012

Tired but happy

I feel like I did as a little girl when we spent the whole day doing something wonderful - like going to the beach, or to a country fair - and I came home, sticky from treats, completely worn out, but absolutely happy.

I have almost made it through this week of covering things for my boss's vacation, and I have to say, I'm pretty darn proud of myself.  I've learned more than I imagined possible, I've got a zillion ideas about how to improve some of our business' efficiency, and I am more certain than ever that our business is taking off for the stars.

I am filled with hope and possibility.  Sure, I'm still living without my dishwasher and I haven't had the courage to take my car in to see what that terrible sound it's making is (I bus to work to be environmental, get some reading time, and save myself the stress of parking in a city notorious for its bad parking), and I am so tired that I'm pretty sure that I could fall asleep standing up if I just let myself....but it's going to be okay.  My biggest problems are money related (cars and dishwashers are just dollar signs, after all), and I can handle that.  My daughter is happy, I am healthy, and it's going to be okay.

Happy Friday!


  1. Health is huge (how easy it is to forget that at times). A child's health - never to be taken for granted.

    And if you can cover bills and you're healthy and vibrant - you're doing pretty great in my book!

    Perspective works wonders.

  2. Tired but happy. Tired from doing work which excites you. Ah, what a great feeling. Everything else will come with time. In the meantime... I look back with fondness on my youth when dishwashers didn't exist and the whole family pitched in to do the dishes. It was one of those shared family moments; one of the ties that bind.

    I'm reading. wb :-)