Sunday, July 1, 2012


I really don't know what to say, or what I'm thinking, now that this is beginning to settle in.

But I feel happy!  Slightly asphixiated by the fumes coming out of the bathroom now, but happy.  I'm tackling little projects around the house, and though it's going to take ages and ages to get everything into order entirely, it's already signficantly more usable and attractive than it was before.  And Katherine was home for a couple of hours today while Bryan got odds and ends together, and she was filled with happy stories and still glad to see me, and she didn't appear to feel any conflict about transitioning between the two places.

Now, is that some kind of miracle or what?!

This morning I did a little volunteer project that I'd signed up for months ago.  I considered bailing, but that's not who I want to be.  I got up, I went, and I felt good about it.

Happy.  I could get used to feeling happy.

And in a half hour, Katherine and one of her friends will both come here and there will be a sleepover with a movie and popcorn.  The young friend's mom is my friend, and so she and I will have a glass of wine and catch up upstairs while the girls play downstairs.



  1. Happy for you! Enjoy these good moments when they come!

  2. I'm happy for you too!! I can feel the relief! Enjoy!

  3. "...that's not who I want to be." I love it that you think intentionally about who you want to be. Bring on the happy.

  4. BLW & CM, happiness shared is more than doubled, and I'm glad to have you here. Wishing you both happiness as well!

    BD, thank you for your comment on intentional living, because it reminds me to stay true to my intentions, and I need all of the reminders I can find. It is so easy to take the easier path, but then we find out that what we thought was easy actually makes us feel awful. I'd rather take the harder path, but the one that leads to happiness. It's a lesson I learn over, and over, and over again. :-)