Monday, December 17, 2012


My divorce will be final in less than a month - all that is left to do is get the judge's signature (and then go to the trouble to change my name on every account).

So, last night I decided it was time to window shop a bit on a dating site.  OkCupid is free, and that felt very low risk, so I created a profile, and then sat back.

Messages have been coming in all night and morning, and it's very flattering.  Of course, I'm not interstested in a love relationship with a 29 year old living in Sri Lanka, and I'm not likely to change my views on contraception, homosexuality, and politics the way one kind man hoped.

But mixed in with the crazies are a couple of genuinely interesting guys.  I chatted online with one last night for perhaps 20 minutes, and it was....lovely.  Normal.  Slightly flirtatious, but not over the top.  He seems like an all around good guy, a great dad, an interesting person.  (I ended it to go to bed at a reasonable hour.  Look at how I've grown!)

My twenty year old self would be planning the wedding.  My more-than-forty year old self merely wonders if we will chat again.  (I think we will.)  He asked me to meet some time soon, and I said not until after the holidays, because that is what I'd written on my profile (I said I was window shopping until then), and because that is what works for me.

It's almost time.  And I'm excited.  I "have" to do this to find the life I want....and you know what?  It might actually be fun.  Last night was a good start, anyway, and I'm glad for that.

We'll see!


  1. I met my husband on OK Cupid! You will get a lot of -ahem- penis pictures, but there ARE some genuinely good people mixed in with the crazy.

    My divorce was final in Oct 2009 and I met my (now) husband in June 2010.

    Have fun, be safe & enjoy!

  2. I am still waiting for my very stressful divorce to go through (I thank god for my lawyer, Marshall Davis Brown, otherwise, I'd be going insane!), when it goes through, I am going to take a breather for a bit. But it's definitely good to know that there is a free dating site that is promising. I will be sure to use it when I'm ready. Good luck with your divorce and dating!

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